Feb 19 • 22M

🎧 1.15 - Why "Gospel-Centered Culture" is giving me the Ick

Spiritual Abuse series - Episode 15

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I’ve thought a lot about starting a podcast and have always concluded: “no thank you.” Cause, my thoughts are just that - thoughts. And no one needs to listen to them as if they’re peer-reviewed scientific data. Plus, I’m very much in process (hence “IN PROCESS COLLECTIVE”.). So, what if I say some words and then later I’m like - “Nah. I think different words now.” On the other hand, I also do love to process (hence “IN PROCESS COLLECTIVE”). And more than that, I wish more of us made space for processing - both our own and each other. So, then I thought - what if I could have a podcast where I get to process what I’m learning in messy/real-ish time. And the result is this absolute treasure of a trainwreck. Enjoy. This Podcast-ish Thing is available for patrons & paid subscribers. If you're like - what's the deal with that, you can learn more about why on my about tab!
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This episode is a little all over there since I’m verbally PROCESSING. But I kept it and didn’t re-record because (a) Long Covid life (b) I had a few sentences that I really liked 😂 !!

“The thing that doesn’t reflect the Gospel is not the internal response, it’s the outward setting. We aren’t supposed to feel peace about oppression, abuse”

“If you’re u…

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