I don't know how you found your way to this page, and I don't know where you are in your story and what makes sense for you financially or otherwise. 

What I do know is that life is messy and hard.  I know that too many of us are caught off guard by that, alone in it, and not sure how to work through it.  

I have found that when we stop trying to outrun the messy, when we stop trying to skip the process, there are diamonds to be found in the dirt. I have found myself face to face with Jesus in the dark, and He seems clearer here than He ever did in the shiny perfection of Instagram posts with flowery fonts. 

I want to give Him to you.  I want us to give Him to each other. I want to create spaces and resources and tools that help people find Jesus in the messy; in the dark - instead of on the other side. 

The In Process Collective exists to help us survive this process we call life by:

  • starting conversations that drive us forward, and helping us move beyond where we're comfortable.

  • creating spaces that let us be in the process; where conversations can happen in real-time, before we've figured it all out. 

  •  offering resources and tools to help us survive with the tension of being in process; we have not arrived and we will not arrive anytime soon.

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