Sitemap - 2022 - The In Process Collective Newsletter (Thoughts from Fabs)

Some goals for your body in 2023

Reflection/Dreaming Tools

Feel your worth

A reflection question

The true meaning of Christmas in Taylor, Texas

Set your pace on purpose

Some thoughts on cognitive dissonance, soul friends, some links and a poll!

Brains are complicated

Thankful to be embodied

🎧1.12 - Dismantling Self (aka what NXIVM and Spiritually Abusive environments have in common...)

Things took a turn.

The room next door

Some thoughts on patterns, belonging, and link love!

🎧 1.11 - "They didn't mean to.." or did they?

I am all here

No church is perfect

On over-spiritualizing

On noticing other people’s bodies

Some thoughts on saying 'I'm good', a few polls, and some link love!

🎧 1.10 - The Impact of Spiritual Abuse

Defending a church ≠ defending the church

What is the impact Spiritual Abuse?

Inner Child Work

When our bodies cannot.

Some thoughts on boundaries, a couple of cool quotes and some link love!

1.BONUS episode - Matt Chandler takes the stage.

1.9 - Trauma or abuse (and why words matter)

Why is it hard some days to know you are loved?

1.8 - When faith is used to control and coerce.

Away / Toward

Farewell July: bodies as prophets, links I'm loving, and what you've missed this month.

1.7 - Gaslighting, obedience, isolation, public shaming: more fun ingredients to create spiritual abuse

More body love.

What I know now...

1.Bonus episode: fighting on the wrong side & people in power.

Some thoughts on accepting yourself.

Admiring my body, links I'm loving, and some other stuff.

I'm a little bit done this week.

1.6 - Censorship, superiority, & conformity. (#notagoodcombo 😬 )

10 things I'm learning from chronic illness

Sermons and such

Pondering 'true love', some links I'm loving, and a few other thoughts for the final days of May.

Sharing my story.

1.5 - What a week (abuse abounds).

1.4 - Enforced Accountability...yay or nay? (THAT'S A NAY FROM ME, FOLKS)

Mothers + women

1.3 - Spiritual Abuse - Taking accountability for behavior regardless of intention.

A few final characteristics associated with Spiritual Abuse (#10-13)

1.2 Spiritual Abuse - It ain't black and white and it ain't always on purpose.

Farewell to the ol' blog.

1:1: What is Spiritual Abuse (why couldn't I think of a better title).

Characteristics #6-9 of Spiritually Abusive Behavior

Characteristics #3-5 of Spiritually Abusive Behavior (3/15)

Characteristics #1 & #2 of Spiritually Abusive Behavior

Some Scary Science

The road to spiritual abuse is paved with good intentions

Is it Spiritual Abuse? Check yes or no.

The Rise and Fall of Spiritual Abuse

Coming soon