Sitemap - 2023 - The In Process Collective Newsletter (Thoughts from Fabs)

Some thoughts on grief & gratitude

Self-compassion, acceptance & validation

Skincare products that work, what women are like, and one thing that is true of singleness...

November Goals: first things first

Some thoughts on gratitude, on purpose and coping with life.

The internet is not always my favorite

A change in seasons

Toxic Religion and finding your place at the table

It's you. You are the problem. It's you.

Some thoughts on wholeness, happiness, and other things.


Internal Weather

When grief makes you glad

What happened to August?

Prioritizing something different

Gospel Centered vs. Jesus Centered

Take it back.

Thoughts on disability, bodies, and some links I'm loving!

Division in the church

Double Binds for Singles in the church

The Third Way

When feedback and accountability isn't real

Hold on

It's July 🥵 and I've got some stuff I'm processing

Danger ⚠️ ⛔️ 😬

Yearning vs Loving

"Church hurt"

Discovering ourselves & facing our feelings

Some thoughts on toxic religion, having what you need & what you missed in May!

You can only love someone to the extent that you know them

God helps those who help themselves?

Shame --> Irritation --> Compassion --> Respect

Purity is not holiness

Trauma-Coerced Attachment & God

🎧 1.16 - Power & high control religion

Some thoughts on feelings, resurrection & what you missed in April

Problematic narratives in the church

Muddled days and pacing

Saturday comes before Sunday

Some thoughts on identity, acceptance & what you missed in March

40 ways I did NOT celebrate my 40th

"Don't Waste Your Life"

3 years.

Long Covid Awareness Day

Deserving of love

It isn't a lie. It's an experience.

Limitations, soul care, and what you might have missed in February

4 questions for the Asbury Revival

🎧 1.15 - Why "Gospel-Centered Culture" is giving me the Ick

4 (potentially controversial) thoughts on romantic love

Moments worth living for.

Restoration, thoughts you're processing & link love

🎧 1.14 - Leveraging the sovereignty of God to create cultures of abuse

🎧 1.13 - Understanding coercive control

A story of Rory

Cultivate a sense of self

Happy New Year! Some reflections on reflection and what we want in 2023 (plus links!)